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Andy Hughes first came to Zimbabwe in July of 2010 with a group of 15 USACF volunteers and promptly fell in love with the country and everyone in it. His original idea was to bring a few tools, buy some wood and repair some of the countless broken desks one sees scattered around empty classrooms. The program took off. Generators and power tools were purchased. Teams of teachers, students and local volunteers were organized and would meet Andy at a different school every time he came. Eight years later, his Caring Carpenter teams have repaired more than 10,000 units of school furniture. This includes student desks, tables, chairs, stools and benches. His teams have plastered classroom walls, painted rooms and built clothing wardrobes for teachers who live at the schools. Andy and his friends have transformed the learning environment of entire schools. Classrooms that were empty now have enough desks for every child. Student and teacher morale has soared. There is a new pride that touches everyone around Andy. But there is more to be done and the Caring Carpenters could use your help.