Books and Libraries

USACF supports the education of over 190,000 children in 400 schools in Zimbabwe, Ghana, and South Africa. Working with in-country partners, a top priority for USACF has been establishing lending libraries in schools and classrooms.

Dramatic changes have been seen. Headmasters brag about a new culture of reading. Test scores have risen dramatically. Most rural children face a serious challenge because they grow up speaking their local language, yet English is the language of instruction for all upper-level subjects. Nation exams are all written in English. Providing students with age-appropriate books to take home and read is an important way that USACF helps boost students’ performance, morale, and confidence. 

As of January, 2018, USACF has shipped 40 forty-foot containers to Africa.  Each shipment includes over 1,000 boxes of library books and textbooks, 400 boxes of schools supplies, sports equipment, toys, games, clothing, sneakers, blackboards, bikes and other supplies. The impact of these donations has been remarkable and life changing.